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Order of the Bees

Order of the Bees

What is the Order of the Bees?

The Order of the Bees is a society for gentleman Freemasons. The beehive is a Masonic symbol that signifies industriousness. We believe that the success of our Fraternity depends on the success of its members. We are DEVOTED to our Brothers, well INFORMED of the Mysteries and our world, and REFINED as gentlemen. The Order of the Bees provides a space and network where the discussion of business, economics, politics, and other topics is welcomed. Freemasons conduct business with one another for trust, reliability, fellowship, and support. The Order of the Bees has dedicated spaces for these elements of our Brotherhood.

The Order of the Bees is not a Masonic organization, nor is it currently sanctioned in any particular Masonic jurisdiction. However, to be eligible for membership, one must be a Master Mason in good standing within a lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.

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Membership Benefits
Eligibility Requirement: You must be a Master Mason in good standing within a lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England. Currently, the Order of the Bees membership is limited to the following countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Monaco, Italy, Hungary, and Australia.
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Explanation of Benefits

Complementary Benefits

We are dedicated to serving our Brothers. For the good of the Order, we offer the following:

  • Masons Academy (IC) – Introductory Courses (IC) of well-circulated Masonic Knowledge, several of which are currently being produced and will be available soon.
  • Directory – We are in the process of building the first worldwide directory of Masonic lodges, organization facilities, landmarks, parks, memorials, and more. This will require the involvement of Freemasons to build into a success.
  • Events – We provide Brethren with an innovative, easy to navigate, comprehensive database of Masonic events listed on our website for all Freemasons to access. We will soon make this available for all Masonic Organizations and lodges to update at their convenience. We are working to gain traction on this endeavor, but we need our Brothers help and support to be successful.
  • Social Stream – Masonic social media streams, including those on: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Google+. We want to support these organizations and spread their content across the web to encourage the success of our Brethren.

Membership Benefits – Order of the Bees

Masons Life, a division of Masons Financial Inc., provides unique services to our Brethren and encourages a positive Masonic and gentlemanly lifestyle. We have culminated these benefits in a lifestyle & networking club called the Order of the Bees. We provide unique services, including:

  • Mason Academy (FC) – Full Courses (FC) of research-based, creative courses. These are the more advanced studies offered by Masons Academy. Each course gives access to information about Masonic history, public figures, traditions, etc. tied to their esoteric roots, symbolism, sociological context, philosophical frameworks, scientific relations, social and religious institutions, cross-references to related materials of other times and subject fields, and much more.
  • Buzz Journal – An online blog, updated daily, featuring content retrieved by our staff on a large volume of information and topics including: Freemasonry, esotericism, economics, culture, business, style, art, architecture, travel, design, history, fashion, music, science, and much more.
  • Bee Business Directory – A business directory exclusively for Freemasons. Freemasons have long engaged in business with one another to support each other and encourage mutual success and benefits. Freemasons can trust one another to do honest, quality work. These aspects of industriousness—represented to us by the symbol of the beehive—should not be overlooked or neglected.
  • Maverick Masons – Maverick Masons is a quarterly published article about Freemasons who are doing extraordinary things in their communities. We want to recognize and highlight the many Freemasons alive today who do unique, interesting, and profound things worthy of sharing with all Brothers. These articles are interesting, engaging, and best of all supportive to those Brothers who are working to make a positive change in our world—a foundational motivation of our Fraternity’s founding. Our first article is accessible to non-members for promotional purposes only–all publications hereafter will be accessible only to Bees.
  • Bee Forum – We provide a forum where Freemasons can come to discuss topics with Freemasons around the world. We encourage Freemasons to learn about Freemasonry in other states, regions, and countries, and explore the complexity of our Fraternity. We also encourage members to discuss topics such as religion, politics, and business, to name a few. In order to keep these conversations exclusively among Freemasons, this also requires a filter that our subscription does an effective job of providing.
  • Masons Life Shop Benefits – Members of the Order have priority on releases, exclusive discounts limited only to Bees, and exclusive products accessible only to Bees.