Order of the Bees

What is the Order of the Bees?

The Order of the Bees is a society for gentleman Freemasons. The beehive is a Masonic symbol that signifies industriousness. We believe that the success of our Fraternity depends on the success of its members. We are DEVOTED to our Brothers, well INFORMED of the Mysteries and our world, and REFINED as gentlemen. The Order of the Bees provides a space and network where the discussion of business, economics, politics, and other topics is welcomed. Freemasons conduct business with one another for trust, reliability, fellowship, and support. The Order of the Bees has dedicated spaces for these elements of our Brotherhood.

The Order of the Bees is not a Masonic organization, nor is it currently sanctioned in any particular Masonic jurisdiction. However, to be eligible for membership, one must be a Master Mason in good standing within a lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England.